The Cutting Edge® - Since 1968. The first catalog devoted exclusively to the sale of pre-owned knives.™ - Since 2000. The first web site whose main focus is the sale of pre-owned knives.

The Cutting Edge printed book:

Pre-WWII Bruckmann Salesman's Samples with Pearl Handle Scales:™ was created for the knife collector who is looking for that special knife, be it handmade or antique, and for the knife user who is looking for a knife that he cannot find through normal channels. For nearly forty years, The Cutting Edge® and™ have been the largest and most visible aftermarket for knives of all kinds. From 1968 until the 1990s, A. G. Russell's List of Knives for Immediate Delivery (became The Cutting Edge® in 1990) was the ONLY place an individual could sell his knife collection without traveling to knife shows. The printed catalogs (The Cutting Edge®) offered the largest selection of pre-owned knives any place in the world.

In 2000, we launched, but spent most of our time on the printed book because a large percentage of the owners and buyers were not actively using the Internet. We are currently developing with plans to make it as strong a sales tool as the printed book has been. The site has two distinct sections; Knives for Immediate Delivery and Handmade Knives to Order. Step-by-step, we are developing a system that will work more efficiently for you the customer and much more efficiently for us in presenting your knives and processing your orders. Our goal is to make the new™ site as functional and worthwhile as the A. G. Russell Knives™ site.

What you see is only a beginning. We will continue to grow both the Knives for Immediate Delivery and the selection of Handmade Knives to Order. Bear with us as we bring this back to the well-oiled machine that it was from 1968 to 2003.
We believe that once you look at this new site you will become a constant visitor.

All the best,

A. G. and Goldie Russell